Friday, March 25, 2011

Looking back

A few weeks ago my Sister in law, Josie, sent me a disk with some of the Hillege photos. What a treat! So here are the kids of the Hillege clan. Arn't they a handsome group! Back row from left: Hans and Andre'. Front row from left: Lee, Frans, Pauline, Bernie and Josie.

 This was when the Hilleges became South Africans. Back row: Josie, Pauline, Papa, Mama, Hans, Andre' (looks just like his son Chris!). Front row: Lee, Frans (isn't he cute!) and Bernie.

Frans with his little dimple 

Mum Hillege. Doing what was neccessary and what she enjoys.  

Frans on his new trike. The invention of colour film! 

It's fun to look back. How everyone changes, but still stays the same.

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  1. Hi my precious Baby these old photos are lovely, really nice to have them. Something to treasure.
    Your blog is really lovely you make it sooo interesting.
    I love and miss you so very very much.