Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nala's revenge!

Psycho. Named so for his crazy behaviour and ability to terrorise hens, dogs and grannies alike! Granny Pat would not enter the back yard without the protection of a broom! Nala came off second best many times when this angry rooster would fly at her and smack her about till she cowered back to the gate. Our hens were starting to slack off on their egg production. So we knew it was time that he faced the chopping block. It's not a pleasant task knocking a chook on the head. But this time we knew we had to do it. We would stop the trauma in the barnyard, we'd save on feed (we culled a few roosters at the same time), we'd provide meat for the table and the hens would hopefully start producing lovely yellow yolked eggs again.
See that look! Yep, it's crazy!
Nala having the last laugh. 
Thanks Psycho.  
The cooks are more relaxed this week.  
And look! Our first new little egg from one of our chicks we hatched way back in January! We're back in the egg business.

We have been barrelling towards the finish line to get the cabin complete in the next week or two. The plumbing is connected, bar the completion of the vanity stand. That's another story. Frans is not impressed right now with my crazy idea for a hand made recycled stand. Nothing is ever as simple as it looks. It's almost done. He just had to undo it once or twice. But it really is going to look great! Really. Trust me Dear!
In the mean time, Stephen, favourite Son-in-law, came to connect all the electrics. So here is a sneak peak of where we're up to. 
Lounge room area above. Painting done. Floor laid, carpet laid in bedroom.  
Bedroom light. Yes, he's standing on the bed! Sun blinds are up and curtains have now been finished and are hanging. 
This is the little kitchenette area in a corner of the living area. I love the red! That's my little bit of indulgence. A small bar fridge will go inside the far left cupboard. Shelves will go up on the wall to hold glasses and cups etc. 
My next challenge is deciding on the splash back. I'm in favour of some beautiful hand painted Moroccan tiles (paper print out shows the sort of thing I'm looking at) or the alternative is something more neutral and possibly dead boring!  
A little perspective. The kitchenette will be to the side of the sliding door that opens onto the little covered deck. 
Deck. Still covered in tools! Oh, and check out the netted garlic in the background. Jayne and I did that this week. Cocatoos and galahs foiled!
Ahhh... so pretty! 
And finally, something to admire... a very full dam! A decent amount of rain and the dam is back to where we like to see it. Soon we'll be complaining about the mud and soggy paddocks, but right now, it's just right! 
Have a great week.