Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Recovery in progress

It's hard to believe that four weeks ago Sara was flat on her back in the trauma unit of the Royal Melbourne Hospital. She had multiple injuries. The most severe were four fractured vertibrae and a torn glute. Amazingly, she walked (ok, hobbled) out of rehab 2 weeks later. It is now two weeks since she came home to the farm. Every day she gets stronger. She still needs lots of rest and is still in quite a bit of pain, but she is managing it well.

Sara will need to wear this back brace for 3 to 6 months. If she's not wearing it then she has to lie flat.

Part of her physio is to take short walks a number of times a day. She walks to the gate and back. Always with company...

What a picture! A smiling girl!


  1. so very glad to see Sarah so smiling, get some honey into you, girl - that will help with healing! What a relief to have her home, so (relatively) quickly, too. Have a lovely Christmas Ami with your dear ones, hugs and love , xxxx

  2. Hi Ami and Sara,
    Just looked at your recovery - You are AMAZING!
    Having had so much spinal difficulty in the last years, it is encouraging to me to see how you are progressing so well and quickly.
    Having parents like yours helps enormously as does all the prayers and loving thoughts so many send to you all.
    I am so pleased to see your determination and will to get better. It helps to have such a beautiful corner of the world as well, to walk in and enjoy with your little mate Nala.
    I used to have a brace like yours - cute aren't they? I really do understand what you are going through and send you all the encouragement I can. Well done you!
    Continue to get well. Sara and keep your courage up. You are a hero of mine!
    Bless you and your beautiful Mum and Dad,