Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Things that go bump in the night

Now I’m not a ‘scardy cat’. But when there are strange sounds that I would usually not really bother with if Frans is home, I’d ignore them. But he wasn’t home. I was alone for a week. The first night by myself it was terribly windy. About 3am I heard a big crash. I knew it could only be a tree or something equally large. I was not about to investigate, but I hoped that the cattle were safe and not under THAT tree! I woke the next morning and continued with my farm chores. Feed the ducks. Give the ducks clean water. (They have to be the messiest birds around!). Make sure the chickens have water and food. Check for eggs. Nope, not a full quota yet, so they have to remain in the chicken palace for a bit longer.  All of these chores centre on the old shed. It was only after I had ducked under a tree branch for the umpteenth time, did I realise that I was walking under the tree branch that had come crashing down during the night. Blind Freddy would have spotted it straight away!

Sara checking out the fallen tree branch on top of the chook shed

Some serious tree pruning is needed. A man has been called! Big equipment soon to arrive.

Then strangely enough, the next night I had a repeat event. Another loud bang.  Another tree no doubt. Go back to sleep. Next morning I headed out straight to the old shed to inspect those big, fragile Cyprus pines. Nope. Nothing. No branches. I was perplexed. Later in the day I cruised by the wood pile. Stop. That’s odd. I’m sure it’s not supposed to look like this! Yep, the piles have fallen over. Good one. Stacking wood is an art. Any ‘bushy’ will tell you. The wood shrinks as it dries. In doing so, it changes the dynamics of the pile. So all this really means is that we (I mean Frans) has to re-stack it again. And perhaps put a few ‘stops’ in front of the pile so it doesn’t come crashing down again. Farm lesson number 26.

A wood pile that needs another stacking!

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