Monday, May 3, 2010

Turkish Delights and Creative Inspiration

What a week it's been! I helped my friends Lisa and Peter Walton at their stand  Dyed and Gone to Heaven at the Australian Patchwork Convention for 4 days. It was great seeing so many familiar faces. Not to mention being inspired by all the wonderful quilts, fabrics and colour on display. The convention was held at the beautiful Melbourne Exhibition centre. It's a restored building of beautiful curves and wonderful detail. The surrounding Fitzroy Gardens are spectacular. Even with Autunm approaching, there was plenty of colour.

The sky might of been grey, but the building still looked beautiful.

The beautiful manicured garden.

Red and orange cannas surround the garden.

On Saturday night we went out to dinner with Peter and Lisa to a Turkish style restaurant called Baba. We made the mistake of turning up at the wrong end of Lygon Street and both parties ended up cabbing it to East Brunswick instead of Carlton. Duh! Well, misdirections aside, the meal was sensational! We opted for a Food Safari. Small starters consisting turkish breads & dips, cuscous, eggplant in tomato sauce (YUM!) and lentils with calamari. The mains included a kebab (see below) and a salmon clay pot. The food just kept coming.

This is the elaborately presented kebab on a sword! The lamb was tender tender tender....

The sword kebab was served with crispy potatoes. Delish!

One of the dishes we were served was a salmon, muscles and chic pea stew served in a clay pot. The cumin, cinnamon and othe middle eastern spices were incredibly aromatic.
Desert was devine! Poached mandarins with sheeps milk frozen yoghurt in the small glasses. Served in the centre bowl were piping hot little donuts dripping in honey, sprinkled with crushed pistachios. And of course, not forgetting the silky smooth turkish delight.

My dinner partners were horrified that I could not finish my piece of turkish delight. To be honest, it was the equivalent of the famous 'wafer thin mint'! We were all stuffed! Would we go there again? Yes. The only negative for me was the awful music if you could call it that. Just a noisy doof doof in the background. Not needed at all. The restaurant was noisy enough as it was. But a good experience none the less.

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