Monday, April 26, 2010

The beginings of the new table!

When we finished our major renovation just over a year ago, the plan was that Frans would build us a new LARGE dining room table. Well, it's taken a while for him to figure out which bits of wood he wanted to keep and which to chuck out. Believe me, that's a stressful descision for him to make! He hates waste. And he loathes throwing away anything. Especially good wood. So instead of the builders taking the old wooden beams and other bits away in a skip, Frans insisted the builders leave them in a big pile in the back yard. Mmmm... Well, I can happily say, the pile in the back yard is decreasing and the table construction has begun!
Frans has a fabulous 'boys' play area under the house. He even has a Clean Room where he can do things that can't get dusty. The problem is that Sara has taken over his clean space with not one, but THREE industrial sewing machines. None of which work! One of these days I think he will loose patience and put them on the nature strip!

This is a 'sort of' idea of what the table will be like. The non moveable section will be 2.7m long x 1.3m wide. Then there will be two loose leaves to add to each end when needed. So we can take this table from a comfortable 12 seater to a 16 seater. Great for dinner parties! I can't wait to give it a test run. I'll post the 'after' shots when Frans is done. Hopefully be next week??? Nah. Don't think so. Soon tho'!

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