Wednesday, April 14, 2010

R.I.P Lesley

Our lovely neighbour, Lesley passed away on Saturday. Sara adopted Geoff and Lesley a few years ago as surrogate grandparents. She visits Geoff regularly, and visited Lesley in the nursing home where she'd been for the past year. Lesley passed away peacefully on April 10, at her nursing home in Burwood. She was 88 years young. She missed her and Geoff's 66th wedding aniversary by 3 days. Geoff is going to miss his Darling terribly. We will miss her too.

Lesley was a florist when she was younger. She and Geoff had a florist shop in Malvern. She loved playing cards. And she loved the pokies. She also loved to sing old tunes she remembered from her youth. "She's got skinny legs" was one of her favourites. Lesley loved life. And she loved her Geoff.
Lesley Lillian Clarke. R.I.P.

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