Sunday, May 30, 2010

Autumn is in full swing!

I love Autumn. And Melbourne turns on this season with style. Driving down the street this morning, I saw quite a few gardeners out on their footpaths raking up leaves. That's the downside. This could be a daily task that would drive anyone nuts. Frans has a blower thing that sucks up the leaves. Here is the front yard the day after he cleaned up the leaves! It's almost pointless.
Those two garden beds (one along the front fence and one to the left of the tree) are not doing much. In fact they're rubbish. I guess they are absolute proof that if you don't prepare your soil properly, then you're doomed. I had planted a row of Camelias along the front fence. But our fierce January heat scorched the plants. I need to start again. So I'm leaving the beds as they are now till Spring. The challenge is that even though they are in the shade of the tree, the rain doesn't always get to the garden beds. So the beds actually are a bit dry. I'm planning to add a lot more organic matter to the beds and then trying again for next Summer. I'm crossing my fingers!

This is the view this morning from our back deck. We could be living in the country. It's the best! That back corner needs serious work. Not sure what we're going to do yet.

And finally, this is a beautiful tree just down the street. Magnificent in it's Autumn splendour.

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