Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A farm boy's new toys!

If this machine claims to be sporty, then where are the racing stripes?
Rainy days are not much fun on a farm. It’s cold and wet outside. Yes, you can potter in the shed. But it’s far more fun when the dealer in Geelong calls to say your new ride on mower has come in. 4 days earlier than expected! Rainy days are perfect for going to town. You are not wasting dry hours when you should be out in the yard doing ‘stuff’. So off we went to Geelong with our friend John. John’s nephew owns the Stihl dealership and he’s been very helpful in getting us rigged up for our farm life. John enjoys the drive and doesn’t need any persuasion to go along for the ride. We took the trailer with us so we could bring the new beast home with us. First we dropped the trailer at the dealership and then we ventured down Packington Street. A nice street with good quality Mediterranean deli, butchers and coffee stops. We shopped, had some lunch and a coffee and headed back to the Stihl shop. We completed the transaction (mower and new brushcutter) and were ready to load the new mower onto the trailer when John noticed we had a flat tyre.  Bugger. It didn’t take long for Frans and John’s nephew to change it and we were soon on our way. We had another stop on the way home. I needed some blinds and sewing supplies. So the boys waited patiently in the car for me while I raced around Spotlight and grabbed my stuff. I think I was fast enough for them. They didn’t complain too much about the wait. We got home around six. Had a glass of red with John before he left to go home. I got dinner on the go and Frans disappeared for a while. He was outside trying out his new toy. It was dark when he finally came in. His hands were like ice blocks. But he was happy. 

The next morning, John was here bright and early. There was work to be done. The men got stuck into overgrown boundary lines and the long grass. The smell of freshly mown lawn is sublime. It’s a smell that should be bottled! The yard is starting to look normal again. Rain, sun and rain. So the cycle goes here in the Otways. This means one thing. You can HEAR the grass grow! The mowing and slashing will continue for a few days to get the yard under control again.
John mowing the top paddock

Men at work! Frans and John having fun. Not too much I hope!

Frans and Nala hustling along!

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