Thursday, November 3, 2011

And then there were four.....

As any farmer knows, keeping your flock safe is a major consideration. We had not yet experienced the loss of any of our small menagerie. So this past weekend when Sara noticed the chickens running for their little feathered lives, she knew something was up. She went outside to see what had scared them and couldn’t find anything. But she did count four chickens instead of five. Frans went looking and found the missing chook. She’d become fox food. Bugger. It was Stir Fry, the little white bum feathered hen.

Having one less laying hen has meant our egg production is down by 20%. A big loss by any account. We will need to replace our dearly departed chook soon. In the meantime, Frans is on the hunt!
Watch out Mr Fox!

I posted a pic of our super dooper big bum buster egg last week. Well, I finally decided I'd crack it. And what a cracker it is!

Can you guess which was the big egg?

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