Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fire season is here

We live in the Otways. Fire danger is a real threat. So preparing for the fire season is a task that every landowner needs to undertake. It means clearing long grass and generally getting your farm debris free. A big job. One of the challenges that rural folk face during the fire season is electricity cuts. Fires may rage 20 kms away, but if a power line is down that you get your supply from, then you have no power. No power means you cannot run water. Water is driven to the tap by a pump which runs on electricity. It means your fridges and freezers are no longer functioning. You cannot flush the toilet. The pump won’t work to refill the toilet cistern. So as a backup precaution, a generator is required. We bought a new ‘you beaut’ little number. The next task was to make sure that the process of switching from grid fed power to our generator worked seamlessly. This is where Stephen comes into his own. Give the man a screwdriver and some live wires and he’s in his element. He rigged up new switches, fixed some flickering lights and generally made the house more ‘electricity safe’. He did the same at our friends John and Norma’s place. Rigged up their generator for easy use and fixed an outdoor sensor light. It’s the old saying, “it’s not what you know, but WHO you know”! Thanks Stephen. Good job! You have four happy customers.

Frans burning off a small pile of rubbish. A still day with no wind is needed for this job. And then don't walk away till it's all done.

Stephen and his apprentice! We're now all set with our backup power source.

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  1. Oh Ami, I'm having so much fun following your blog. It reminds me so much when we moved to the farmlet (I was 17), mum and dad are still there. xxxR