Thursday, November 3, 2011

Long weekends....

It was a long weekend in Melbourne to celebrate Melbourne Cup on the 1st of November. Alan (Frans’ nephew) and his lovely wife Sonja and their little girl Amelie came down on Saturday. Sara and Stephen arrived in time for dinner. We had a lovely weekend together. Amelie exhaustd herself running after Nala, the ducks and chooks. Sunday was a lazy day. The boys went off to a woodwork exhibition in the morning while the girls did some net damage repair. We also potted up some herb cuttings for Sonja to take back to the city. It was cold and rainy. So we lit a fire and ‘hung out’ in the lounge room.

The garden is showing us different colours every week

Spring is the time for new life. Frans found this little bird in his shed. The mum was hovering close by.

Sonja fixing the netting

Sonja has a new hobby! She's on a roll....

What do you do after Sunday lunch? Veg out in front of the fire. Bliss.

Yep, I'm shovelling.... Hay for the cattle.

Happy beasts. Eileen and Agnus with their little ones.

Stephen checking on his ducks.

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