Thursday, October 13, 2011

Birregurra Festival

What could be more exciting than taking part in a weekend festival in the country? Folks came from near and far to be entertained and fed. There was good food, wine and great music. Well, mostly great music. Frans, Stephen, Sara and I set up our little gazebo and tables early on Saturday morning. We laid out our goods and waited for our first customer. The main street of Birregurra was closed off and it became a giant mall. Kids zooted around on their skate boards and on their bikes. The fashion accessory of choice was a dog on a lead. Teenage girls in short shorts paraded up and down the street in packs. Their main accessories were prams!

Early morning. Not many people about yet. Frans and Stephen checking out the stalls.
We had our spot along the main street which was good. Anyone who had been allocated to a grassy area fought slushy mud underfoot. We were lucky that the weather was overcast but not raining. We repeated our set up process again on Sunday morning. Our little stall did quite well. We were happy with our first outing at a local market. Our next market will be towards Christmas. Sara and I will be madly busy making bits and pieces for then.
Just getting started.

Our table of wares.

The main street around the middle of the day.

 The 'Squash Box Club'. Nice that this musical craft is being kept alive. But fellas! 8 hours straight? Our stall was right next to them.... One thing is certain, they are very enthusiastic about their hobby. They're still learning and practising new songs. There's nothing like listening to convict tunes all day!

And what is a country festival without wood chopping! 

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