Friday, March 26, 2010

Creative juices

I thought I would share a few of the pieces I'm working on at the moment. Being mostly confined to being still, I've found that doing a few jewellery pieces keeps my brain active. Well, sort of. It's more meditative than an intellectual activity! Anyway, the necklaces are not quite complete. They need their toggle closures. What do you think? Would you pay money for something like this? Let me know.... I'm floating the idea of creating unique 'one off' pieces using semi precious stones, swarovski pearls and crystals, sterling silver and other interesting beads.

In these five pieces I've used freshwater pearls, moonstone, crystal, swarovski crystal, sterling silver and porcelain beads.

This necklace will have to be called 'Constellation' simply for it's lustre and shine. I've used a large 18mm moonstone bead as the feature. There are also Swarovski pearls, glass beads and smaller moonstone beads. I love this one!

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE orange! My favourite colour. This is a free form brooch that I've formed using a large orange shell donut as the base. This piece will look glorious pinned onto my new knitted neck warmer. I'll post a pic of the two together later.

This brooch features a selection of moonstone beads, glass pearls and glass beads. I think I'll call this one Mercury.

Brooches are a wonderful statement on a denim jacket or a beautiful winter coat. Never leave a collar unadorned I say!

More pieces to follow...

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  1. WOW your Creative Juices have been flowing! They look very exciting and very much wearable fashion statments.
    Keep up the wonderful creations. Brilliant