Saturday, June 26, 2010

Picnics in the rain...

So it was a wet, cold Sunday morning. Stephen's family decided a picnic in the park was the way to go. So we turned up at 8am. The organisational skills of Doris (Stephen's Mum) and Tina (Stephen's Godmother) are amazing. What followed was a breakfast feast that ended at midday!

Here the men are doing what they do best. All standing around and watching a couple of blokes do the cooking. Sausages, bacon & onions.

Warming up with a coffee. Crochie (Stephen's Dad on the far left). Sara & Stephen.

Bacon, sausages, onion, toast, English muffins (wholemeal & white). Eggs served 2 ways. Fried or scrambled.

Everyone getting stuck into first course!

It was cold! Sara added just a few layers.

Second course being prepared. Stephen looking after the berries. Warren cooking pancakes, and Roy making sure it's all going according to Doris and Tina's instructions!

Ta Da! Dessert. Oh, and there was chocolate and cream too. You've got to hand it to this Italian family. If there's going to be a meal, it will turn into a feast! Wonderful!

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