Thursday, September 29, 2011

A little trip away

This past weekend saw us leave Otway Fields for the first time since we arrived here. We headed off to sunny Brisbane. It was a special event, the wedding of our good friends’ Mark and Viv’s daughter Emma. Emma and Sara went to kindi together and we’ve been family friends since the girls were little. It took a bit of organising and planning to make sure animals were cared for while we were away. Our new neighbours kindly came over twice a day to feed the ducks and collect the chicken eggs. We took Nala with us to Melbourne and left her with Stephen’s family where she had a city holiday with Stephen’s beagle, Roxy. Nala did not want to miss anything along the way and stood in the back of the car up against the slightly open window, catching the breeze all the way to Melbourne and back. The trip back may have been a bit cold for her as she seems to have developed a cold. Rasping, coughing sounds followed by periods of what can only be described as hiccups. She should be well again after a few more days of lazing in her basket in the sun.
 Nala in the car on the way to the big smoke!

Frans and Graeme.... scrubbed up before the wedding.

Ready to go...

Sara was Maid of Honour to Emma. She carried baby Valeenah down the aisle. What a gorgeous little baby. She was so good. She took all the celebrations in and was happy to be passed around to family and friends. The wedding was fun and the music was great. Entertainment provided by Jed’s Samoan family. It was a true celebration. Lots of drumming and dancing. A suckling pig on the spit was served as part of the feast. Delicious. Well done Mark and Viv for a lovely wedding. We wish the happy couple a long prosperous life together with their little girl Valeenah.

Sara made her bridesmaid's dress. She did a great job. The sewing ladies at the Birregurra sewing group saw her progress from month to month. The Saturday before the wedding, Sara sewed up a storm at the group while I made the flowers. It is the Birregurra Festival in a couple of weeks time, and Sara has been asked by the Birre ladies if she would like to display her dress...... Nice.

Good practise Sara! Valeenah was such a good girl. Didn't make a peep through the ceremony.

The happy couple.... Jed and Emma

Frans and his second daughter, Emma!

Frans and his girl.

Sara and Stephen

We managed to catch up with my brother Lionel and his wife Adele, my nephew Delisle and my great niece, Leilani. Leilani is growing so quickly. She’s almost a year old. How time flies!

Two blokes besotted by a grand daughter and great niece :-)

Leilani is almost walking.

Sara and her second cousin.

Looking over the fence... Our view over our neighbour's property. Not bad...

We came home and got stuck into the garden preparation right away. We spread another meter of compost on the vegie patches and are now ready to plant. The planting will happen this week. Stay tuned..


  1. Oh what a lovely wedding. The dresses were beautiful simple yet elegant. I look forward to following your planting progress....:)

  2. Oh what a lovely wedding. The dresses were beautiful simple yet elegant. I look forward to following your planting progress....:)