Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This past Christmas was a very special one for us. Sara was home. All the usual commercial emphasis of frantic gift buying just fell away. We were just happy to be able to share the time together as a whole family. Instead we cooked up a feast and shared Christmas Eve with good friends John and Norma. We sat around the big table eating, chatting and reflecting on a year that changed our lives dramatically.
Sara and I on Christmas Eve.

Some of the food: A beautifully glazed ham, stuffed roast chicken, zucchinis with pine nuts and currants, Nigella's Christmas cake, Norma's delicious summer pudding and Sara and Stephen's Christmas tree cake (chocolate flourless..... yum!).

This is my favourite entree' to serve for any special occasion. Smoked salmon parcels. Inside is a salsa of avocado, red onion, tomato, dill and a little lemon juice. A little dressing made with chives, olive oil and lemon finishes it off on top. Add a little caviar and a couple of sweet prawns. Make extra. You'll want one for lunch the following day!

Santa was very good to me this year! After we had decided 'no presents'! I now have a lovely chair to use when I want to take some time out in the garden. Thanks my Love!

This is a photo of our little niece Amelie. She is a little angel. I love this photograph. It displays the joy that children experience from something simple like running through the willow branches. May we all take a little time out to enjoy one another and nature around us this year.

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