Friday, October 19, 2012

Birregurra Festival

As you know by now, we attended the Birregurra Festival last weekend. Our second outing at this event selling a few bits and pieces from our own stand. Saturday morning rolled on looking bleak and miserable. It was definitely jumper and umbrella weather. We drove to Birre and got there just before 8am. The usual chaos of finding your allocated spot ensued. We were to be located at the top end of the town in the middle of the main street. Yes, the middle. Our spot was marked on the road with a big "H"! So we set to the job of getting the marquee up and putting out our wares.
The weather during the day varied from sideways rain showers to just miserable. It was surprising how many people still turned up at the festival. It was encouraging! 
The damp weather was dealt with quite ingeniously by the 'hood down' car enthusiasts! Seriously..... wouldn't you just put the roof back up? 
Our stand was located just opposite these quaint little shops. 
There was all sorts of entertainment. This fellow turns up each festival on his Penny Farthing. So cool! I'm not sure if blue plastic helmets would have been the standard issue back in the days..... 
Wonderful music. People dancing in the street.  
Strong men! 
And men who got dressed in the dark.... 
And so to our stand. This was Saturday's set up. Frans wanted to try something different for Sunday. We still need to work on those table cloths. I'm thinking of making fitted cloths. Colour suggestions???  
Our woven vine wreaths sold like hot cakes! Who would have thought! 
First day set up. 
Sara doing a good job as shop keeper!  
Second day set up. Tables running along each side of the marquee. 
A collage of our wares. 
The Birregurra Festival is not complete without Prue Campbell's scones! Prue made around 30 dozen over the two days! She taught me how to make the easiest and tastiest scones ever. 
Here's the recipe:
Self raising flour
Pinch of salt
Pouring cream
Before you begin, place the baking tray into the oven. Turn the oven onto high. (around 220deg)
About 2 cups of flour into a bowl
Add a pinch of salt
Pour in about a 300mls of cream
Use a knife and cut the cream into the flour until a stiff dough forms.
Use your hands and turn the blob onto a bench.
Gently bring all the dough together and pat it so you have a slab of dough about 3 to 4cm high
Using a scone cutter, cut your scones.
Remove the tray from the oven (use gloves!) and run a little butter over the hot tray.
Then quickly place the scones onto the tray.
Pop them into the oven for around 12 to 15 mins
Serve with jam and cream!
Our friend John taking the opportunity to get some good shots on his camera.
Sara and Stephen spotted leaving a shop with a very lovely advent calendar that Sara is keen on! I don't think Stephen can see the use in it.... And yes, it was cold and he was wearing his birthday hat! 
The boys having a coffee and Frans making last minute labels for extra wreaths. Croci (Stephen's dad) Stephen (admiring his nails), Mario (Stephen's god father) and Frans.  
Sara looking beautiful.
Frans and Ami looking well!
And then there's the side story of Roxy! She is Stephen's dog and they brought her down for the weekend. We left to set up the stand on Saturday morning early and Roxy stayed behind on the farm. Stephen was sure she would not wander. Lo and behold, around 11am, Stephen goes for a walk around the Festival and spots a dog tied up with an orange rope to a pole. The dog looks just like Roxy. Hang on.... it IS Roxy! Stephen was totally confused. The lady standing with Roxy turned out to be a neigbour who lives across the road from us. Roxy had been wandering down the dirt road towards the main road. She and her husband had picked Roxy up and taken her home. They rang the council on the tag and figured Roxy was a Melbourne dog and had to belong to our farm. So they came by, left a note on the door and took her to the festival. They figured we'd be there. And they were right. Only in the country! Roxy spent the rest of the day lazing in the shade. She was tired from her big adventure on the farm!
We came home after the festival and I have unpacked and re-sorted all the stock. Everything is ready to go again. We'll do another market in December, closer to Christmas. Till then, it's back to working in the yard!
Have a great weekend.

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  1. Hi, what a lovely description of your time at the Birregurra festival, I felt like I was there!...hang on, I was!
    We are newcomers to Birregurra and I came accross your blog looking for blogs contains Birregurra. The festival weekend was our first community event and we were totally blown away by how big it was. Recognizing myself in you in more than one way, I was interested to read your blog. I shall put your blog on my 'Follow' list. I also am a crafter, exploring The Simple Life and now living on the edge of the Otways