Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bride to be!

Sara is getting married! Not long to go now, and all the excitement of a family wedding is starting to kick off. This past weekend we held a 'girly' Kitchen Tea for her. She wanted it to be held in her own house. So out came all the pretty plates, cups, tea pots and flowers. Towers of cup cakes, cake pops and Italian biscuits graced the tables. Smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches, cut into dainty triangles filled vintage plates. A 'gaggle' of ladies spent a few hours sipping bubbles, playing games and having a good time.
Katie and Sara
Beautiful cup cakes & cake pops were made by a friend who Sara works with.
Unwrapping gifts was lots of fun. Everyone contributed favourite recipes and household hints.
Guests went home with a little 'thank you'. Hand made seed packets and farm grown seeds.
The seed packets were popped into terracotta pots that had bags of soil included. Ready to plant.
Pencils for the games!
No trip to Melbourne is complete without a trip to the shops! 
Or to Victoria Market. Emma came down from Brisbane for the weekend. We had a lovely day shopping. It was Em's first time away from her baby girls. It was lovely having her here.
Emma and I had a coffee at a very groovy Brazilian cafe' at the Vic Market. I loved the vintage touch of floral saucers. 

Back on the farm I've been playing with lime cordial recipes. I made a plain version first. 
At my friend Michelle Steel's suggestion, I tried another version; lime ginger and lemon grass. It is delicious! These cordials are lovely served with sparkling mineral water. Pop in a few mint leaves or extra lime slices for a very refreshing summer drink. And as the sun goes down, I think it is perfectly appropriate to add a slosh of vodka!
We took our new cordials to the Bannockburn Farmers Market and had a great response.
Driving through the forest on the way to town we're seeing wattle flowers everywhere! Spring is finally here. 
Have a great week, what's left of it, and a good weekend!

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