Saturday, August 21, 2010

Felt like felting???

Well, not really. But I'm doing some freelance stuff for a yarn company. (Which happens to be just around the corner from my place, so commuting is not an issue!) At the moment I'm working on a project putting a felt story together to sell into major retailers in Australia and the USA. Roving, tools, yarn, raw bags.. you name it. It's all part of the program. So I had to make a few inspirational samples. Nothing too flash. Just interesting enough for Mrs Average. So here they are...
I havn't used my DMC floss for years. Just as well it doesn't have a use by date!

Simple simple...

The pink bag and blue purse were done with a needle and roving. It's called 'dry felting'. Quite fun. And the results are fairly quick,

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