Saturday, February 5, 2011

Time flies when you're having fun!

Where did the past three months go?

I realised a couple of weeks into November that I hadn't put up any new notes on my blog. Then all my plans went out of the window as I started planning for a big overseas holiday. An opporutnity arose that enabled Frans and I to leave our cares and worries behind (for the time being!) and take off to the other side of the world and experience an European winter.

But first things first... November has to be remembered!
The garden exploded with colour. I had planted over 300 bulbs around the end of June. It was a little late according to the packet instructions, but I took a chance anyway. My efforts were rewarded with these beauties.

There's nothing more satisfying than picking flowers from your own garden.

The foxgloves were sensational! There is an elderly gentleman named Clem who walks past our house every day. He's a keen gardener and when I'm out digging or planting, he'll always stop for a chat. He's helped me identify many 'surprise' plants in the garden. He just loves these foxgloves. He says that they're the best he's seen anywhere for years. Thanks Clem.

Ahh.. another weekend in the country with our friends John and Norma. There's nothing much to do except relax. Gee it's a tough life....

As you can see, the pace is pretty fast down on the farm.

We went for a drive down to the sea with John and Norma. The drive to Warnambool takes around an hour and a half.

Lovely sea side flowers

Frans' Mum, Riet, came to spend 10 days with us in November. It's always a delight to have her come and visit. We get spoiled with Dutch vegie and meatball soup and delicious apple sauce. (not served together of course!)

Here Frans is preparing some biltong, and Mum is preparing for the soup.

No-one can chop vegies so beautifully even than my MIL. I'm convinced it makes the soup taste different.

A visit to the Camberwell Market is a given. Mum loves op shops and markets. Here she is, purse ready!

Now there is nothing like a table of rope to make Frans happy! How could he walk away without buying a hank or two?!

Celebrations in order! Our 2nd daughther Katie finally completed her masters degree. She's a clever girl. A science degree, mastering in zoological research. Well done Katie! Cheers!
Aha.... the famous vegetable and meat ball soup.

You have to hang up your drying biltong somewhere I guess....

A visit to the National Gallery.

Just look at these beautiful  babies! Broad beans!

And this is how we ate them. Fresh bread, proscuito, brie, butter and cold white wine. What could be more simple, yet so delicious!

Ami & Mum Hillege. Lunch at the Giangulio's.

Sara and Oma.

I had some friends around for a girl's afternoon tea. Life gets so busy that we lose track of one another. It means we have to make a special effort to keep our friendships going. Adelyn, Kate, Lynnie, Sara and Anna.

Frans and I spent a weekend in the city. It was fun being tourists in our own city. A visit to Melbourne is not complete unless you've had a coffee at Pellegrinis.

And the most exciting event of all...... The birth of Leilani. My first great niece. Here she is, around 20 minutes young!  Welcome to our family xx.

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