Friday, October 29, 2010

Perfect Sunday

This past weekend, we had a 'girlie weekend'. My wonderful sister in law, Jayne, came down from Sydney for a couple of days. We trooped off to a craft market on Saturday morning and followed it with a few stops along High Str, Armadale. We ended our outing with a visit to a fabulous supermarket called Leo's in Hartwell. We bought supplies for dinner as Jayne was cooking. We had pork belly with lentils and caramelised beetroot. Delish!

Sunday morning found us the Camberwell Market. My favourite market in Melbourne. We browsed and had a yummy breakfast. I picked up a planter bowl for a new little plant my niece Gwen gave me.

Here's Jayne checking out the vintage bags

I love the eclectic fashions you spot at the market. Anything goes!

This thoughtful stall holder even provided a spot to kneel while rummaging through her pile of clothes. Genius!

We then went home and lazed on the front deck.   

Sara took to the grass

One of these days she's going to finish Anna Karenina!

Nala had to be part of the action. Love her licking her lips in anticipation!

Tea was poured

We bought some lemon curd at the craft market on Saturday. We filled little pastry shells and topped them with cream. The little meranges we picked up at Leo's. Filled with cream they were simply sublime! Not a calorie in sight! Sshhhh.....

Aaahhh... the good life!

Many years ago, my girlfriend Donny and I used to listen to Michael Franks' music. In one song he had a line that went something like this: 'hollyhocks and foxgloves to the knees. Now life's in a major key.' I've always wanted to grow foxgloves after hearing this song. So I planted some last season. No flowers then. But this year they've rewarded me with the most beautiful pink bell like flowers.

Life is definitely in a major key!

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