Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family is best!

This past weekend, my brother Lionel, my SIL Adele, and my niece Genevieve and nephew, Delisle came to visit us from Brisbane. It was a fleeting visit. Only two nights. But hey, we're not complaining. It was great to catch up and share a few good laughs.

From left: Lionel, Delisle, Adele, Genevieve

Little Mummy. Only 6 weeks to go! It was wonderful feeling the baby kick.


Frans & Ami

Then it was time to haul out the knitted baby stuff and pass it on to Gen. (Save the postage!)

Pink and purple wool jacket

Little cotton bolero

And my favourite.. the sunshine BSJ knitted in wool

And just to show that knitting and crochet is genetic, here are a couple of pics of a beautiful afghan rug my Mum has just completed. My Mum lives in a small town in the beautiful Cape Province in South Africa. There is a very clever lady there who has a wonderful store called RAIN. She specialises in hand made organic products. So my Mum was asked to crochet an afghan for the store. It took her 3 months of solid 'hooking'. The pay was not great, but the satisfaction made up for it. I wanted to buy it, but unfortunately the afghan was earmarked for the London store. My Mum's one complaint was that the yarn was very thin! But you have to agree it looks devine! Well done Mummy! 

A close up of the squares. Yummy chocolate, taupe, cream and shell colours.

And yes, afghans are the flavour of the month in this family. I'm knitting a little pram blankie for Genevieve's bub. I'm using organic cotton. Queensland is hot remember!

The pattern is dead easy. Cast on 2 stitches. Knit a row. Then increase one stitch on each end until you have used up approx 5 or 6 balls of yarn. Then simply decrease one stitch again on each alternate row. And viola! You have a square baby blanket. All you need to do if you fancy, is crochet or knit a little edge around it I'm using white, cream and ecru for this little number.

Easy huh?

Stay tuned for the finished result. Then I'll be posting it off to Brisbane to Genevieve with all the little jumpers she FORGOT to take home with her! :-)

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  1. Thank you my Baby for putting the blanket on with all your wonderful 'knits'. You are so clever. The little jerseys are lovely and I love your blanket, will definitey try one of those.
    Love you lots.