Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cupcake Madness

A couple of weeks ago, Stephen's (Sara's lovely BF) little sister Jessica had her 18th birthday. So it was all systems go with the baking, making and setting up for the party. Stephen and Sara made a huge batch of cupcakes. Two flavours: Strawberry & white chocolate, and a plain vanilla flavoured one. Stephen's Mum, Doris made another batch with a few different flavours.
They measured, mixed and baked all Friday evening.

The batter is good. Sara is spooning it into the cupcake papers.

Stephen is doing the 'rendering' here...

And here come the decorations! 

Keeping it simple. Looking pretty!

And here they are! All done.

And what is an 18th party without a few Vodka jelly shots?


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