Monday, September 27, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Well at last I think we can safely say that Winter is over. Just. Yesterday was the most glorious day.The weather was perfect. So I thought I'd take a trip around the garden and post a garden update. It's not perfect. I think another 6 weeks and the garden will be at it's prettiest. The bulbs have sprouted. (is that what they do??) The seedlings are growing.

This is the garden bed along the front fence.

Same garden bed. But here you can see the sweet peas curling up around the stem of the standard rose.

Our tree is in full bloom. When you walk past it, it hums. There are hundreds of bees in the tree. Our neighbour Tim, two doors down from us has bee hives. I reckon his bees must be loving this tree!

The blossoms will all fall off and cover the grass like a pale pink carpet over the next week or so. Then we'll be left with a shady tree all Summer.

Here are some broadbeans along the side fence. When these babies are ready, they'll be eaten with fresh bread, thin slices of proscuito and a glass of crisp cold white wine!

Little worker!

The view from our back deck a few evenings ago.

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