Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Latest knits...

I've been enjoying knitting smaller items this winter. And here is my latest tea cosy. I love orange. So if I can use this colour in a project, it makes me very happy!

The body is knitted, and the flowers are crochet.

This cosy looks very special on top of my grandmother's tea pot!

And once again, orange is the feature colour in this little 'Baby Surprise Jacket' that I made last week for my neice Genevieve. Well, it's for her baby...
The construction of this jumper is facinating. It is knitted as one piece. And all done in 100 rows.
I think this little jacket looks like pure happiness!

Here's the finished little jacket

Just loved the little flower buttons. Here you can see a close up of the unexpected use of colour: Orange, red, hot pink, pink and yellow. Why not I say...

The back.

Knitting these little jackets is a tad addictive.... Now what colours should I try out next I wonder....

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