Friday, April 20, 2012

Getting Creative!

Over summer I've been doing a little of 'this and that' when it comes to relaxing with a pair of knitting needles in front of the telly in the evenings or sewing up a storm in my sewing room.

The stripey baby rug on the chair started off as a lesson with Sonja on how to increase stitches. She came down for a weekend with Alan and Amelie and when she went home she was armed with books, needles and yarn! I decided to keep going with the project and it took on a life of it's own. I love the candy colours! Now I'm waiting for the next baby to give it to.....

The red baby jumper with matching flower hat is for Little Valeenah, our 'other' daughter Emma's little one. She has just turned 1! Sara and Stephen are going up to Woollongong this weekend for her big 1st birthday and dedication.

And then the hot pink number with the flower at the front is for Annabella. She's not quite 1 yet. Her granny Janelle will be here next week from Qld and will take it home for her. Miss Annabella is such a glamour girl! She's been spotted playing with her Barbie dolls already! And her Mum Nina makes sure she's dressed for the occasion whenever they go out. Her hats are always decorated with big cabbage roses! Wonderful! I'm hoping this little hat will keep her warm in the cold Toowoomba winter! It has a touch of 'Sunset Boulevard' to it. I think it's kinda cool, but my friend Lisa Walton thinks it's gross! Ha! She's obviously not a fan of girlie pink!

My lovely friend Eugenia had a big 'O' birthday last month. So I made her the Chinese inspired quilt. Eugenia lived in China for a few years. I was even lucky enough to have a coffee with her once at the Hangzhou airport when I was over there on a buying trip. I had saved lots of Asian fabrics to make a quilt for our red guest room in Ashwood. But I never did.  Her home is beautifully decorated in reds and Chinese antiques. So Eugenia has the quilt instead.


And so to some of the items that Sara and I have been working on to sell from our Etsy store. I have finally taken the plunge and am cutting into the fabrics from Oz Dye Art Fabrics that I have been saving for what, I don't know! So here goes. When the last bit is cut then that will it.

My friend Michelle Steel and I used to have a small business where we hand dyed and screen printed Aussie designs onto fabric for quilters. We had a lot of fun doing it and managed to travel to lots of interesting places selling our wares. We had to give it all away when Frans and I moved to Melbourne in 2000. It was just too difficult to run a business from two locations and it wasn't fun with us not being creative together anymore. I've been hanging onto the few bits of fabric from the business for too long. So if you're interested in grabbing a bit of 'history', then hop onto our Etsy store to see what's there.

Check out our goodies. Click the link below or on the side bar. We'll be uploading more products over the next couple of weeks. Lots of exciting stuff to come...

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