Friday, April 27, 2012

A decorating urge!

Every now and then I get a bee in my bonnet and decide I want to paint something. Now! For a long time I've been looking for a metal plant stand. You know the type. Rusted. Old. 70's. Yep, that's what I wanted. I trawelled through ebay and found plenty that I liked. But there was always the hassle of the 'pick up'. So a couple of months ago Frans and I went to a clearance auction down the road from us. It was my lucky day. There was a lot there with a plant stand and a few extra bits and pieces. I didn't really want everything. Just the stand. We waited for the lot to come up and I put up my hand. It was mine. For a grand total of $5. FIVE DOLLARS! We went home with two plant stands, two metal candelabras, and a magazine rack. Off to the hardware store I went and purchased three cans of brightly coloured spray paints. The paints cost more than the stands! I have to tell you though, that these sought after items sat in Frans' shed for a while before I finally got to them! I picked a day where the wind wasn't blowing. Found some packing boxes and flattened them and set up my items on the boxes. I was ready to go. I started with the bright orange candle stick. Next the purple one (not shown). I sprayed the plant stand a bright turquoise. I couldn't wait for all the items to dry! Once they were good to go, I placed them along the east facing windows. There is an ugly facia running along the bottom of the house and the plant stand and pot plants now disguise it somewhat. I have been saving and gathering old olive oil cans. Frans drilled holes in the bottom of them and I planted them up with geraniums. I think it looks ok. Better than a bland wall.
A recycled, upcycled plant stand. Groovy baby!
Don't you love the little watering duck? Found it at the Reject shop for $1.

I bought citronella candles from Safeway. They're not cheap! But they do help with keeping the mozzies at bay in the evenings.

This purple plant stand is still a work in progress. It needs three tiles to sit on the metal bars. I'm thinking that some mismatched brightly coloured ones will look good. Back to ebay....

The plant stands along the front wall of the house. Don't mind the messy path.... I really should put the hose away when I've used it....

I still have the magazine rack to spray. That will look good next to the couch on the verandah. Somewhere to put all the stray magazines that find their way into the house!

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