Friday, November 30, 2012

Colour everywhere!

Let me show you a huge whopping egg! The egg on the right weighed 68g. That's on the large side for a supermarket egg. Which makes the one on the left a freak! It weighed 96g. And yes, there were two yolks inside. Poor chook!
I have decided that November is my favourite month in the garden so far. The colours are just magnificent. Every few days another flower pops up or blooms. I planted a punnet each of snapdragons and foxgloves in this garden bed way back in April. They are now in full bloom and the colours are brilliant.  
We have many Californinan Poppies scattered around the garden. They can be a little 'weed like'. But I love them. They create a meadow effect with their ranges, reds and yellows. 
And here is an Opium Poppy. I found it flowering in the greenhouse. I have never planted them anywhere in the garden. A neighbour who lives a couple of kms away has some in her garden. So was it a bird that transported the seed to my greenhouse? A natural mystery. It is a beautiful flower. 
We're in the midst of broad bean harvesting. I planted three lots of broad beans about a month apart. We have now exhausted the first lot. Those are some of the stalks lying on the pathway on the top left photo below. I have to pull the rest of the spent plants out. A job I've been meaning to do for about a week!
I'm picking peas and artichokes too. The peas are so sweet! I use them raw in salads. I was hoping to freeze some for later, but they're too good to put up. I've got loads of broadbeans still to come, so I'll blanch a few of the pods and freeze them. You realise when you pick them fresh how different they are from those beans you buy frozen at the supermarket!
When it comes to the broad beans, our favourite method of eating them is raw with a little proscuito, fresh bread and olive oil. Simple and delicious. 
And here's me patting a horse. Note, there's a gate between us or I may not be as brave. This pic was taken at our friends John and Norma's place. These two horses are race horses. They are such show offs! They gallop around the paddock in complete unison. And they love attention.  
Have a great weekend!

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