Saturday, November 24, 2012

One Wedding and a few 'catch ups'

A long time ago (well it seems like a long time ago!) we used to live in Brisbane. It's not often that we venture up to Qld, but when we do, it's usually for a special event and our time is rushed. So this time, we decided that we would have a few extra days and actually get to explore the city again. It has changed a lot since we lived there 12 years ago. There are new tunnels, freeways and the cafes are more interesting than ever. We found ourselves tracking back to the same area throughout our weekend there. I love James Street. The food shopping is wonderful and the regular shops are along a street. No closed in shopping centres (my pet hate!).
This is Ann Street in Brisbane. You can rent a bike provided you have your own helmet. This initiative to get people moving was a good one, except not everyone carries their helmets around with them, and so the idea has not quite worked. Unlike Paris and Amsterdam where we saw the same system, but there people seemed more used to the helmet requirement and the systems are well used.

A beautiful, quiet spot in the centre of the hustle of the city. The flame is always lit in rememberance of our fallen soldiers.

This is the Uniting Church in Ann Street. Our friend Janelle was exhibiting a couple of her art pieces at a small exhibition here. The church is beautiful inside.

The stained glass windows are superb.
And this was the reason for our trip! My beautiful niece Genevieve was getting married. Frans was the official photographer. This was his first gig at as head trigger man, and he took his role very seriously.

I call this incredibly lucky... Genevieve had her bridesmaids dressed in puple. And it so happened that there were plenty of Jacaranda blossoms strewn around the venue where the wedding was held. Here is Frans getting a creative shot! Sara acted as photographer's assistant and did a splendid job.

It's hard to imaging that earlier this day there was a terriffic storm accross the city and the reception venue was flooded. Alternative arrangements were made very quickly and everything went ahead as planned. If it wasn't for the storm, the blossoms would probably not have been laid down in such a beauitful carpet!
Sara and Stephen. Both looking great.

And here's a pic of the three of us. 
I'll post some 'farm stuff' later. Have a happy Saturday!

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