Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Getting organised!

My ideal work space would be one of those pretty garden sheds you see on dreamy garden blogs. However, reality is that I need a bit of space to make a mess. And it makes more sense to do it in an open shed. My first 'table' is the one pictured below. It was made using two large plastic barrels with a piece of wood on the top. Frans used the barrels to store chicken feed in. So he would need to move the board to get to the feed quite often. A pain. Another problem was that the table was rather narrow. I was sharing it with egg boxes, feed sacks and my garden tools. 
Then Christmas came, and Frans wanted to know what I would like. I think he was expecting 'perfume, a book, theatre tickets...' or something along those lines. Instead I asked him to make me a new table for my shed area. And he did! I am more than chuffed with my big work top. No more narrow table. I have room to move.
If you know Frans, you will know that he does not throw any wood away. Ever! These sturdy posts came all the way from Melbourne when we moved here. They were left overs from our renovation there. Another thing about Frans... he makes things to last. This is one sturdy baby! The top is an old door. Another reno left over. This is upcycling at it's best! 
While we were sorting out my space, Frans laid down some pallets (yes the free ones he picked up at Officworks in Geelong a few weeks ago) and now all my pots and other gardening things are off the ground. The only problem about this new arrangement is that we disturbed a favourite egg laying hiding place, and Mrs Chook was most inquisitive climbing all over the garden stuff trying to work out if she could still make use of the spot.
 Here's Mrs Chook. Very proud of herself. And here she is below, exploring the new set up.
Under our carport I have a set of old metal selves that I store empty egg boxes, some gardening tools and other bits and pieces. We also have lots of swallows the like to nest in the rafters. They are a constant irritation. They poop on the cars and make a general mess. Frans is constantly removing the makings of nests as they appear. This one however, went unnoticed until I spotted a little black bird sitting in it. Every time I walked past the shelf she'd fly out. We checked and she'd laid a few eggs. So we left her in peace. 
A couple of days ago we heard little chirps coming from the top shelf. 
And there they were. Three brand new little birds. This is one that was making a very big racket! It won't be long and they'll be gone from the nest. Nature is amazing.

Before I finish this post I want to share something special with you. My friend Janelle, who lives in Brisbane, gave me the the most wonderful Christmas gift. Her Mum, Mrs Keating, was a dear lady and passed away a while ago. Janelle gave Sara and I each a large pack of hand embroidered table cloths and an apron that Mrs Keating had embroidered herself. I feel privileged to be the custodian of these beautiful pieces of embroidered linen. The apron is too pretty to ever use in the kitchen. I am known for messing. A lot. So I wore it at our last market stall in Birregurra. I had many lovely comments about the apron. Thank you Janelle!
Yeah yeah..... I should have ironed it.... I'll do it for the next market. Promise!

Have a wonderful week.

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