Thursday, January 3, 2013

What a year! Reflections of 2012

A 50th for Frans, lots of visitors to celebrate with him, a paving project gets under way, fruit and veg harvesting and early morning coffees enjoying the spectacular sunrises!

Sunflowers! Sara recovering slowly, harvesting, harvesting and more harvesting! A paving project completed.

MARCH 2012
Last of the tomatoes, Oma comes to visit and peels apples for days! Pumpkins are growing, a lamb gets cut up and Frans plays with his new camera with some amazing results.

APRIL 2012
Autumn leaves, getting ready for a big burn off, boys and their toys, organising the garlic planting and an engagement! Whoo Hoo! Sara and Stephen are getting married. 
MAY 2012
A 25th Birthday for Sara, gatherings around the fire pit, manic wood gathering continues, bees get inspected, Chrysanthemums bloom in time for Mothers Day.

JUNE 2012
Another birthday (we're not counting), making sausages with nearby neighbours Paul and Max, making a new bed for the garlic, and cranking up the wood fire stove.
JULY 2012
Winter has stripped all the leaves from the trees, cows need supplimented feeding (by hand), a wonderful visit from Andre' and Jayne (it was too short guys!) pumpkins from Wendy, a winter jumper completed and the first daffodils making an appearance. 
Slow food, watching the garlic grow, fixing leaking underground pipes, cows seeking shelter from the cold, broad beans taking off! 
Pruning the house vines, learning to weave, a baby calf, enjoying a beer at a nearby country pub, marking duck eggs, planning the spring vegetable planting and playing with yarn.  
New ducklings, our second time at the Birregurra Festival, repairing the netting and building new compost bins. The garden starting to bloom and we're enjoying our own produce.  
A beautiful time in the garden. The grass is green, the flowers are colourful, the bees are buzzing, veggies are growing and getting picked, preserves are being created and 'hampered', apple blossoms bloom, the power company cuts back the Cyprus Pines and Frans is asked to be the official photographer and my neice Genevieve's wedding in Brisbane. (and a good job he did too!)
A busy month of markets, harvesting garlic, cleaning up garden beds, picking buckets of raspberries and strawberries, plucking a duck for the Christmas terrine and first time artichoke preserving. 
What a year we've had! We have learned so much. It's been a great experience. We hope that 2013 is just as much fun as we continue on our exciting journey of becoming more self sufficient.
Happy 2013 to all our family, friends and supporters!

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