Friday, May 23, 2014

Annual Fire Night

There's a date each year that signals the end of the fire season. Farmers all around us look forward this day each year with great enthusiasm! During the dry summer months where we are not allowed to burn, fallen bark, rubbish or tree cuttings, are gathered and piled high on wood stacks all around the district.  We have our own wood stack. It was a reasonably big one this year. As is usual now, we turn this burn into a social event. Glasses, wine and chairs are piled into the trailer and off to the paddock we all toddle. Usually we fill the air with Pavarotti or Puccini, but this year we changed the music selection and went with The Eagles. Wonderful!
Frans has the job of lighting the fire. A bit of diesel gets the flames going. See the green grass? This gives you an idea of the rain we've had, so the wood stack needs a little help to catch fire.
The dogs enjoy the action too!
Family gathering... and Gus the wonder dog. 
Fire sparkles! 
Rough and ready... No crystal glasses needed here...
Kicking back with a little drink 
 The fire needs feeding. Frans scoops dry stuff from the outside edges into the flames once he can get close enough. It's very hot! One casualty of the burn was a rake. Only the metal bit remained. The handle was incinerated. Oops...

It's wonderful to share a night like this with our family. 
No fire is worth it's salt if it can't be used to toast marshmallows! 

And so we look forward to the next night around a fire!

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  1. What fun! Never tried diesel to start the burn :-)