Monday, February 8, 2010

Big and small

Durning the hot January weather, my Hydrangeas crashed and burned. I was pretty miffed. I really want a row of them along the front fence. When I mentioned my dissaster to my old neighbour who now lives around the corner, she promised me some cuttings from her Mum's garden. And here they are. I've shoved them in growing pots, along with some French and English Lavender cuttings. (Lavender from my garden.. who hoo!) Now they're resting on the back deck for a few weeks till they're strong enough to be planted along the fence. I'm going to put the Lavender down the driveway. The driveway spot gets sun all day, so these babies will be happy there.

How pretty! I just love the bright sunny zucchini flowers. This is the bush that produced the little fruit further down the page.

Tomatoes tomatoes... they're coming up EVERYWHERE!

All shapes and sizes. I didn't realise how many different varieties there are. A bit different to the three or four kinds you get in a supermarket. I've not bought tomatoes since December. Love that!

I'm picking a little basket like this every couple of days. They're great just tossed in a bit of olive oil, sprinkled with some basil, salt and ground black pepper. Then under the grill till the skins start to blister. They can then be used as a side dish, in a salad, on bread... the list goes on.

So here is a pic of what my zucchinis COULD look like! The big monster comes from my neighbour, Chandra, over the back fence. As do the lovely little eggplants. My pathetic efforts are the little yellow jobs! I tried right? What the hell am I going to do with this big thing? The skin is pretty hard, much like a butternut squash. So there was only one option really. Hit Google and find a zucchini chutney recipe. The result was great. Now the said chutney is resting for a couple of weeks to 'stew'. I'm thinking up an Indian dinner to compliment it!

About 3 weeks ago I popped a few vegie seeds into my seedling tray. The zucchinis are the tall leggy looking things at the top of the pic. In the middle are some mixed lettuce seedlings starting to poke their little heads up. And who knows what I planted in the bottom part of the tray. I think there are parsley seeds there. They're not doing anything yet. I'll have to wait and see and then surprise myself!

This little seedling punnet was a 'seed kit' I bought at the local garden shop. Great success. These are rocket seedlings. I'll give them another week to harden in the punnet, then plant them in the ground.

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