Monday, February 8, 2010

Tomato Update

My friend Kathryn pointed me in the right direction in solving my tomato problem. It seems that these babies are suffering from Sunscald.

According to the Colorado State University:
Sunscald is common on fruit exposed to too much sun. This problem often occurs when infestations of hornworms are high and defoliation or pruning of leaves is heavy. To help control sunscald, shade the plant and reduce the fruit's exposure to the sun.

Ok, I didn't think I had hornworms. But I'll go and check. I DO know that we've had a Summer of belting hot days. Problem solved? I hope so.
In any case, I'm still picking loads of beautiful little cherry tomatoes.

And what to do with this bounty harvest?

Last night I threw together a simple Italian salad. Italian why? Red, green and white of course.
I simply sliced the baby tomatoes in half. Then tore up a handful of garden basil and sliced about 6 balls of bocconcini into wedges. Tossed the lot together. Splashed with olive oil and an aged balsamic vinegar, salt and freshly gound pepper. Delish.

The same salad can be prepared in a slightly different manner and look spectacular for a more formal occasion. ie. Christmas Eve dinner.

Here Sara was getting the layers together. A perfect Christmas salad.

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