Friday, February 5, 2010

It's raining....

There are no complaints from me today. The weather has turned cool and it's raining gently. Just perfect. The lawn is getting a lovely soaking. The sugar cane mulch I spread all over the garden beds on Monday is sucking up the moisture.

I've got baby tomatoes growing furiously. I'm still new at growing vegies, and to be honest, some things have me purplexed. Why do some of the tomatoes go from green to white? Some start off looking quite promising, and then they become wrinkled and deformed. I'm leaving them on the plants to see what happens. Maybe they've had too much water... maybe not enough.

The tomatoes start off looking good. Then the go all weird.

Cherry tomatoes look great. Eggplant looking promising.


  1. Hi Ami,
    Its blossom end rot - water and heat problem. You can still use the toms, jus cut the bits off. I've (not me, but my toms) have it too. They just hate this unrelenting heat. Love the blog!

  2. Thanks Kathryn! The heat would explain it. We had a few days of high 30's in Jan. And last week we had a few more really hot hot days.