Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crochet Bag Finished and other crochet pieces...

Remember the bag I started a few weeks ago? Well here it is. This is side one.

And this is side two.
It's turned out quite well. I may think of doing another one... and then, maybe not. Too many other fun things to try first.

Speaking of fun... here's a little Tea Cozy I made on Sunday night in front of the telly. It's my first effort. Very simple. But fun. I've got a few more ideas brewing for more of these little babies.

I now have a pair. The one on the right I bought at a fete a long time ago.

And here is the start of my Prudence Mapstone inspired shawl. Lots of little circles and flowers!

Starting to love the colours... a few more bits to go before I stitch them together.

Stay tuned for the finished result.

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